TBR: August

It’s already August and for many––myself included––that means it’s time for a vacation. Though summer days are coming to a close, the summer books are still hot and there’s plenty to get excited about this month. Below is the list of books I’ll be taking to the beach with me and I hope you’ll find a great vacation read somewhere on this list. Hollow Kingdom – … Continue reading TBR: August

Review: Big Sky

Big Sky is the long awaited next installment in Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie series (the first since 2010), and it doesn’t disappoint. As with the rest of the mystery novels in this series you could read it as a standalone, but it’s even better if you read it as a sequel. In Big Sky, readers are re-acquainted with numerous familiar faces including Julia, Nathan, Marlee, Josie, Tatiana, Reggie … Continue reading Review: Big Sky

Review: Family of Origin

CJ Hauser’s new book, Family of Origin, follows estranged half-siblings Elsa and Nolan Grey as they journey to a remote island on the Gulf Coast populated by a group of fringe scientists known as “Reversalists.” The Reversalists believe that a species of island duck called the Undowny Bufflehead shows evidence that evolution is turning backward, and up until recently, Elsa and Nolan’s father was a part of … Continue reading Review: Family of Origin

Review: Searching for Sylvie Lee

In her latest novel, Searching for Sylvie Lee, Jean Kwok continues to write on the familiar themes of immigration and racism as she explores the more general question of how well human beings can know each other. When the beautiful, talented, and successful Sylvie Lee disappears during a visit to the Netherlands, her family back in New York immediately begins to worry: Sylvie was supposed to … Continue reading Review: Searching for Sylvie Lee

Review: Dual Citizens

Alix Ohlin’s latest novel, Dual Citizens, takes us on a journey through the lives of half-sisters Lark and Robin as they grow up, grow close, grow apart, and grow together again. Lark––quiet, studious, and four years older than Robin–– assumes the role of caretaker early in the sisters’ lives because their mother, Marianne, is too self-absorbed and volatile to provide more than the bare minimum of … Continue reading Review: Dual Citizens