TBR: August

It’s already August and for many––myself included––that means it’s time for a vacation. Though summer days are coming to a close, the summer books are still hot and there’s plenty to get excited about this month. Below is the list of books I’ll be taking to the beach with me and I hope you’ll find a great vacation read somewhere on this list.

  • Hollow Kingdom – Kira Jane Buxton
    • This quirky apocalyptic fantasy was published yesterday and I might just have to run out today and grab a copy. In this genre-bending narrative, domesticated crow S.T. takes to the streets with his canine companion Dennis to solve the mystery of the apocalypse and hopefully save humanity. This novel promises to be funny, strange, heartwarming, and unlike anything I’ve read before: count me in.

Hollow Kingdom

  • Things You Save in a Fire – Katherine Center
    • Center’s new novel follows Cassie Hanwell, a female firefighter who has to prove herself all over again when she moves to a new firehouse in Boston. This shouldn’t be a problem for someone as smart and competent as Cassie, but her fellow firefighters’ are reluctant to let a woman into their circle and a potential love-interest on the squad make fitting in a little more difficult. I love a good heroine-driven story and I have a feeling Cassie will prove an inspiration to many female readers.

Things You Save in a Fire

  • The Oysterville Sewing Circle – Susan Wiggs
    • When Caroline Shelby returns to her hometown of Oysterville, WA with two orphans in tow and all the baggage of a fashion career collapsed in scandal, she finds the tiny town has changed. Everyone seems to be on the cusp of reinvention, from her parents looking to retire from the restaurant business to Will Jensen, Caroline’s childhood friend whose career as a Navy SEAL abruptly ended when he was wounded overseas. Caroline finds refuge in the local sewing shop that launched her fashion career and soon joins with the town’s women in the Oysterville Sewing Circle. I anticipate plenty of romance and drama in this book and I predict it will be the perfect beach read.

The Oysterville Sewing Circle

  • Summerlings – Lisa Howorth
    • How could exclude a novel called Summerlings from my summer TBR? This book follows the hijinks of a group of local boys, John, Ivan, and Max in Cold War era Washington DC as they confront their fears of the Russians, deal with a strange spider invasion, and hatch a plan to bring the immigrants on their block together in one big block party. Unfortunately, something goes awry at the party with tragic consequences. Laced with mystery and nostalgia for childhood summers, this coming-of-age story sounds like the perfect antidote to summer boredom.


  • The Dearly Beloved – Cara Wall
    • I’m not usually drawn to stories about faith, but this one caught my attention after I read a review from Mary Beth Keane (Ask Again, Yes) praising Wall’s treatment of the polarizing subject. The story follows couples Charles and Lily and James and Nan from their respective childhoods into the adult lives that bring them together. When Charles and James are called to lead the Third Presbyterian Church together, the two men and their wives must sort out their different perspectives on faith, family, commitment, and forgiveness. I am tentatively excited to branch out and give this novel a try.

The Dearly Beloved

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