TBR: July

Now that the holiday weekend is over and we’ve officially slid into the long, hot (and let’s be honest, lazy) days of summer, it seems like the perfect time to find a new book to keep us company. Here are the books I’m looking forward to spending time with in July.


  • The Most Fun We Ever Had – Claire Lombardo
    • If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know by now that I love a good family saga. Lombardo’s novel follows the lives of the Sorenson family––Marilyn, David, and their four daughters––as they struggle to balance relationships, careers, and personal demons. Lombardo has been compared to the likes of Jonathan Franzen, Anne Tyler, and Celeste Ng and I for one am eager to see if her novel lives up to the rave reviews.

The Most Fun We Ever Had

  • Three Women – Lisa Taddeo
    • Lisa Taddeo’s journalistic feat takes readers into the most intimate of spaces: the bedrooms of three American women. This non-fiction journey explores the sex lives of three regular women and the men they are involved with, revealing the desires that drive us and the power imbalances they often create. This book is sure to be an instant feminist classic and will likely stir up it’s fair share of controversy. Sign me up!

Three Women

  • Big Sky – Kate Atkinson
    • Jackson Brodie is back in Atkinson’s latest mystery novel and the timing couldn’t be better. With plenty of wit, suspense, and just a tinge of romance, the Jackson Brodie series provides the perfect summer read. If you haven’t read the predecessors to this novel, I suggest you get started.

Big Sky

  • The Ghost Clause – Howard Norman
    • If you’re looking for your next beach read, Howard Norman’s newest novel just might be it. The Ghost Clause introduces a clever twist on the very real legal clause that allows new homeowners to be reimbursed if they find they’re sharing their domestic bliss with an unwanted specter. When newlyweds Zachary and Muriel move into a charming Vermont farmhouse, they are unaware that the house is already inhabited by the ghost of Simon, the husband of the widow they purchased it from. This delightful premise suggests a new kind of ghost story that will, under Norman’s skilled hand, surely surprise and entertain the reader.

The Ghost Clause

  • A Prayer for Travelers – Ruchika Tomar
    • Cale has led a fractured life from the moment her mother abandoned her at the local hospital in a desert town on the California-Nevada border. Raised by her grandfather with little knowledge of her parents, Cale is something of a mystery to herself, so it should come as no surprise that she becomes involved in someone else’s mystery. When Penélope Reyes, also known as Penny, goes missing, it is up to Cale to brave the dangers of the desert and find her friend. I anticipate a dark and twisty mystery with enough surprises to keep the reader hooked until the very end.

A Prayer for Travelers

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